444 AI generated art pieces on the Solana blockchain

Mint on Nov 9th !



  • 1 -    

    Launch of website

  • 2 -    

    Abstergo NFT mint

  • 3 -    

    Listing on secondary NFT markets

  • 4 -    

    Begin weekly floor sweep: 90% of artist royalties will be used to sweep the floor every week

  • 5 -    

    Begin weekly distribution of ATG token to Abstergo NFT holders

  • 6 -    

    Airdrop fund: 10% of artist royalties will be used to buy art from other projects which will be airdropped to Abstergo NFT holders

  • 7 -    

    Twitter/Discord sales bot integration

  • 8 -    

    Grape/SolaLand integration to verify Abstergo ownership (pending community vote)

  • 9 -    

    Collaboration with other projects (Potential airdrops for holders)

  • 10 -  

    Integration with Solana NFT virtual art gallery

  • 11 -  

    Future plans: Potential expansion of the art collection and more . . .


Questions? Read this first!

When is the Mint happening ?

9th Nov, 00:30:00 UTC, https://countingdownto.com/?c=3909816

What is the total supply ?

444 pieces.

What is the mint price ?

0.55 SOL per mint.

Where can I mint my Abstergo ?

The mint link will be provide in #announcements , 5 minutes prior to mint time.

How many can I mint during the sale ?

1 art piece per mint transaction. There is no limit to the number of times you can mint.

What wallet should I use ?

We recommend using Phantom wallet.

Will there be a whitelist/presale ?

No, everyone will have an equal chance.

What is the artists royalities ?

5% for each sale, depending on the secondary marketplace.

What will the artist royalties be used for ?

AbstergoAI will use 100% of artist royalties to sweep the floor and fund community initiatives and expansions.